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Are You Ready to Be Seen?

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Does the image you project to the world resonate and align with who you really are inside? 

With social media, our lives are on display. It’s easy to get caught up in appearances and lost in our attempts to manage what others think about us. 

The sad truth is, too often, women live in hiding. We’re like photographic negatives sitting in a dark room with a closed door. The beauty of our truest self is always there, but we don’t allow it to be seen. Are you ready to be seen?

Join us for a transformational, four-day women’s retreat this fall that will open the door for you to step into the light that lives inside you and reclaim the real you. We invite you to step into full exposure through the inspiration, power and grace of horses on a serene California ranch, captured by the artistry of the photographic lens.

This illuminating retreat is Thursday, October 12th through Sunday, October 15th in Morgan Hill, California and it will center around our unique horse experience. You will have the opportunity to do four days of activities with a herd of horses who are gifted teachers of authenticity and natural leadership. This entire process will be documented photographically and will conclude with a discovery portrait session to capture your newfound light.

Horses provide real-time feedback about what is true because their survival is dependent on awareness, intuition, and communication. Because horses always see us and reflect back the truth, they help us to see parts of ourselves we are guarding or have forgotten. To spend time with the horses is to see yourself, as the rest of the world wants to see you - free, honest, beautiful. There is no riding experience necessary, and seasoned professionals will surround you. 

With the horses and our team of compassionate coaches and a published photographer specializing in empowerment and best self-discovery, we will listen, witness, gently guide, and celebrate your transformation. Our time together will also include hiking, yoga, meditation and other self-discovery activities. This retreat will help you find your light, see yourself in that new light, and discover the courage to take that light into the world.

Isn't time for you to release what no longer serves you, reconnect with who you really are, and realign with what you value most? The answer is YES! 

Please visit our retreat website www.unbridledbeautyretreat.com to secure your participation in this life-changing retreat. Space is limited to an intimate group of ten women. Feel free to share the retreat brochure with your family and friends.

For questions about the retreat, contact Michele Waterman at 408-472-3676 or coaching@michelewaterman.com. We look forward to seeing you in October!